In a simple country restaurant, based on fresh market produce, and also  fresh meat  (grouse, hare, doe, deer, wild boar …) when  in season. The wines, from big  and small producers, were personally selected by the chef to accompany his dishes. French cuisine. Lunch and evening formule 36 €.

28, rue du Mont Thabor
75001 Paris
Tel: 01 42 96 28 18

From Tuesday to Saturday from 12h to 14h30 and from 18h30 to 23h.
Sunday from 6.30pm to 11pm.



L'ardoise 2

Coquille Saint Jacques 


Soufflé Noisette 

Lardoise 3



Pasta fresh 500 g, Basil, 3 tablespoon of olive oil, a tablespoon of lemon juice, and L’harissa a little bit only.

So cut the basil in small pieces, in a bowl pour 3 tablespoons of the olive oil and a tablespoon of lemon, put in a little harissa. Mix it and pour the content  into a bowl. When your pasta is ready, put them in the mixed salad bowl, salt and pepper to taste add grated cheese. Enjoy your meal.


les phylosophes

Bistro-cuisine Traditional French.

This restaurant that is in the Marais was recommended by someone and does not  disappoint. A very good atmosphere of old Paris. A classic cuisine that uses only good product and organic …. the bread is just exceptional! The bread I repeat is exceptional. TA perfect Bunch. The welcome is very good and warm with a team of waiters at the top. Excellent food to tell the truth. I ordered the beef Bourguignon for desert chocolate mouse.Perfect and delicious . How ever  the chocolate mouse the one that I made at home is better. So I recommend this restaurant to everyone. A small advise do reserve or you won’t get in.


Beef bourguignon 

28 rue Vieille du Temple, Paris IV
Phone:  01 48 87 49 64
Open everyday 9am to  2am
Brunch 7/7  9am
Métro : Saint Paul.



bar a meditation

Here is an address for those who mediate. A unique place in Paris (IIe). Bar at meditation 5 rue Gaillon 75002 Paris. Tel: 01-47-42-00-00. Opening times From Monday to Friday from 8am to 7pm. Barameditation.fr.

After the bars where you can take a nap or do your nails  … The capital now has a meditation bar. We propose a half-hour session. Of course there is something like that  in the United States that are similar. You have a short session after storing the smart phone and you personal stuff there is a locker on the ground floor, so the 30 minutes will be, dedicated to meditation. Also you have the guided sessions in a room equipped with round armchair. Here is not a bad idea after all…. Breathe deeply and let yourself go…




The Musée Grévin is a wax museum in Paris located on the Grands Boulevards in the 9th arrondissement on the right bank of the Seine. The museum was founded in 1882 by Arthur Meyer, a journalist for Le Gaulois, and named for its first artistic director, caricaturist Alfred Grévin. It is one of the oldest wax museums in Europe. The Museum Grévin now contains some 200 characters arranged in scenes from the history of France and modern life, including a panorama of French history from Charlemagne to Napoleon III, the French Revolution, movie stars, and international figures such as Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, Shah Rukh Khan, and Pope John Paul II. I recently visited the museum and it is quite of site I might say.






























petanque 2

Pétanque is a game of balls derived from the game of Provence. This is the tenth most popular  sport in France. There are many national federations affiliated to the international federation. To these figures, one should add the occasional practitioners, on holidays in particular, that is to say several millions of amateurs. It is a mainly male sport (only 14% are women in France). Nevertheless, it is one of the few sports where mixed competitions are organised.


The set of balls would have been created in Gaul. The balls were first made of clay, stone, then wood and finally steel.

Innovations include:

The game is played on shorter ground;
The player throws his ball without momentum;
The feet joined, starting from a circle traced on the ground. See the  rules click on the Link.

The first steel ball was made in 1927 in Saint-Bonnet-le-Château, which now is the International Museum of Pétanque and Boules. It is to Jean Blanc that we owe this evolution. There are several countries where you can play Pétanque: France, Thailand, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Algeria, Morocco, Japan and Sweden. Many retirees in France play pétanque and this is the favorite game on holiday. My sister tells me you can now play the game at central park in New York.

petanque 4


A perfect triangle playing with my cousin 


The Île Saint-Louis  is an islands in the Seine river, in Paris, France. The Île Saint-Louis is connected to the rest of Paris by four bridges to both banks of the river and to the Île de la Cité by the Pont Saint-Louis. This island was formerly used for the grazing of market cattle and stocking wood. I went there and took some photos .



ile saint louis 1

ile saint louis 47

ile saint louis 30

ile saint louis 48


ile saint louis 44

ile saint louis 15

ile saint louis 9

ile saint louis 10

ile saint louis 25

ile saint louis 11

ile saint louis 12

ile saint louis 36

ile saint louis 4

ile saint louis 39




The RATP plans to put green plantes in the metro stations in Paris. There will be the most beautiful stations  in 2017. Who does not dream of a few green spaces in the corridors and subway stations? It would be nice. This will give a breath of fresh air. It is from a bunch of ideas launched by RATP in November 2016 to “improve your services”. It  is necessary to bring water and light and how? It is the big technical challenge and which vegetation to choose. The RATP, on the other hand, will plant vegetation in the open air, such as lines 2 and 6.

There is a greenhouse at the Gare de Lyon. Since 1998 a greenhouse with tropical plant has been installed. I noticed the greenhouse when I took line 14 at Gare de Lyon station. There is a dense rain  even with bird singing. Also there is as an agent that ensures the cleanness and takes care of the plant. The RATP says there will be green spaces in the long-term in the new Metro station and why not in the old Metro station? Underground vegetation is conducted across the Atlantic in New York City from an abandoned subway station in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Plants also according to an Ademe report are depolluting. That’s what they say.

metro serre



Attention in France the RATP announced the opening of the metro 24/24. No it is not possible, really in France. Yes in New York the Metro is open 24/24. Obviously the first thing that comes to mind, Parisian who party most of the time , is perfect thing here not to spend money for a taxi. Good! the environmentalist does not want more car on the road. That is too bad for the taxis. That’s life . Of course there will always be people who will take the taxi late in the evening those bourgeois. it was announce March 29, 2017. Well I’ll see. Good The RATP tells us this to facilitate their task, we decided to set up new schedules, more suited to these work rhythms. not so fast . Initially, only the users of lines 1, 4 and 14 will have the chance to enjoy these new non-stop schedules. It will be only after a two-month test phase that the entire metropolitan network will operate without interruption, making our City of Light the second city to offer a non-stop metro after New York.



What exactly is to be a  Parisian? This is a question that everyone will have a different answer. Well c’est la vie ! as we say in French. Parisians are always in a hurry They work a lot or not enough that depends on the job that have. If we have a car we spend our time in traffic jams. The others takes the metro is to run all the time to catch one. Also a Parisian spends his time in the bistros during the morning  drinks coffee with a croissant and cleanse he reads the figaro or L’equippe (sport newspaper) . On the other hand a Parisian dresses impeccably well even the women. . But not all dresses well it is a shame because Paris is the capital of the fashion world above all.

The week end however the Parisian or the Parisgot leaves Paris to eat brunch with his girlfriend or friends by cons not too soon hey! it’s the weekend.

Also now it has become Parisian to have a basket Organic and yes we eat organic more people are doing it. Even the wines more people buy organic.
Now the vélib is very Parisian more people go to work by bike a little exercise It does good after all a little exercise does not kill anyone I know unless you burn the red light it is Death and good luck.

Of course the Parigot loves their sushi, burger and bagel sandwich. Mc Donald  forget it, it is  about the gourmet burger it is the fashion in France but the sandwich the most eaten in France is the classic butter ham 2,3 billion sold not years.
And yes being Parisian we like the park and the gardens. Le Jardin des Tuleries  and the Jardin de  Luxembourg are the most frequented.
Parisians do not stay in Paris on weekends? The suburbs or the countryside will do. For those  remains in Paris the museums are at their disposal. In the evening a cinema will do.
The spas have been in fashion more and with good reason the Parisians begins to love going to the spas, it does good for the body  and people can decompressed. Also the Parisians learned to slalom between the small gifts most dogs leaves on  the sidewalk. For most people you are a Parigot ( A term that you called because you are Parisien). It takes a real reason to go the other side of the Peripheral. You never take the bateaux mouches  but you wave at the tourists. You never refuse a drink at the terrace even if it is 10 €. You love when Paris is empty in the month of August. Without the Parisians. You can test all the cuisines of the world just by changing neighborhoods. You go anywhere, anytime. You have can get hook with 20 wifi networks in your apartment. You know all the districts of Paris. But you always go out in the same places. You know that the most beautiful city in the world is here.