What exactly is to be a  Parisian? This is a question that everyone will have a different answer. Well c’est la vie ! as we say in French. Parisians are always in a hurry They work a lot or not enough that depends on the job that have. If we have a car we spend our time in traffic jams. The others takes the metro is to run all the time to catch one. Also a Parisian spends his time in the bistros during the morning  drinks coffee with a croissant and cleanse he reads the figaro or L’equippe (sport newspaper) . On the other hand a Parisian dresses impeccably well even the women. . But not all dresses well it is a shame because Paris is the capital of the fashion world above all.

The week end however the Parisian or the Parisgot leaves Paris to eat brunch with his girlfriend or friends by cons not too soon hey! it’s the weekend.

Also now it has become Parisian to have a basket Organic and yes we eat organic more people are doing it. Even the wines more people buy organic.
Now the vélib is very Parisian more people go to work by bike a little exercise It does good after all a little exercise does not kill anyone I know unless you burn the red light it is Death and good luck.

Of course the Parigot loves their sushi, burger and bagel sandwich. Mc Donald  forget it, it is  about the gourmet burger it is the fashion in France but the sandwich the most eaten in France is the classic butter ham 2,3 billion sold not years.
And yes being Parisian we like the park and the gardens. Le Jardin des Tuleries  and the Jardin de  Luxembourg are the most frequented.
Parisians do not stay in Paris on weekends? The suburbs or the countryside will do. For those  remains in Paris the museums are at their disposal. In the evening a cinema will do.
The spas have been in fashion more and with good reason the Parisians begins to love going to the spas, it does good for the body  and people can decompressed. Also the Parisians learned to slalom between the small gifts most dogs leaves on  the sidewalk. For most people you are a Parigot ( A term that you called because you are Parisien). It takes a real reason to go the other side of the Peripheral. You never take the bateaux mouches  but you wave at the tourists. You never refuse a drink at the terrace even if it is 10 €. You love when Paris is empty in the month of August. Without the Parisians. You can test all the cuisines of the world just by changing neighborhoods. You go anywhere, anytime. You have can get hook with 20 wifi networks in your apartment. You know all the districts of Paris. But you always go out in the same places. You know that the most beautiful city in the world is here.



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