costume 3 pieces

The man’s suit of clothes, in the sense of a lounge or business or office suit, is a set of garments which are crafted from the same cloth. It is called now a business suit when made in dark colours and of conservative cut. The current styles were founded in a period of sartorial revolution during the early 19th century. The suit is a traditional form of men’s formal clothes in the Western world. For some four hundred years, suits of matching coat, trousers, and waistcoat have been in and out of fashion.

The modern lounge suit appeared in the late 19th century. In the early 19th century, British Dandy Beau Brummell redefined and adapted this style, then popularised it, leading European men to wearing well-cut, tailored clothes, with neckties. They was a simplicity to it with sombre colours which became a classic. Then in the 1920s and the double-breasted suit was mainly worn by older more conservative men. In 1935, a complete change in style occurred. Loose fitting coats were introduced, trousers began to be tapered at the bottom and suit coats began to have tapered arms.


By 1940, the waistcoat began to be made in a loose style which made it uncomfortable to wear. Well needless to say the suit as evolved over the years.

Yes The three-piece suit returns to fashion. Robert Vaughn always wore three-piece suits He told his wife that he was the only one wearing a 3 piece suit. He always loved this style of very refined costume that had style. Bravo Robert a real gentlemen. Its chic and vintage style has seduced the buyer again. If you go to a wedding I strongly advise you to wear one. Also there are codes of retro chic it is absolutely necessary to put a tie with it, without tie it is a faux pas that should not be done. This also brings more assurance and stature. Run away from the ready-to-wear, to avoid waiter syndrome. Go to a tailor he will make it to tailored for you. It will follow your stature and give you a good presence. The thing is it is in the vest if the vest is not tailored properly you are screwed. A vest that’s too tight will ruin your day because you won’t be able to breathe and it cannot be too loose either it has to be just right. I am kind of glad it came back in fashion because it is my favourite suit of all time. Voila!


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