Attention in France the RATP announced the opening of the metro 24/24. No it is not possible, really in France. Yes in New York the Metro is open 24/24. Obviously the first thing that comes to mind, Parisian who party most of the time , is perfect thing here not to spend money for a taxi. Good! the environmentalist does not want more car on the road. That is too bad for the taxis. That’s life . Of course there will always be people who will take the taxi late in the evening those bourgeois. it was announce March 29, 2017. Well I’ll see. Good The RATP tells us this to facilitate their task, we decided to set up new schedules, more suited to these work rhythms. not so fast . Initially, only the users of lines 1, 4 and 14 will have the chance to enjoy these new non-stop schedules. It will be only after a two-month test phase that the entire metropolitan network will operate without interruption, making our City of Light the second city to offer a non-stop metro after New York.


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