The RATP plans to put green plantes in the metro stations in Paris. There will be the most beautiful stations  in 2017. Who does not dream of a few green spaces in the corridors and subway stations? It would be nice. This will give a breath of fresh air. It is from a bunch of ideas launched by RATP in November 2016 to “improve your services”. It  is necessary to bring water and light and how? It is the big technical challenge and which vegetation to choose. The RATP, on the other hand, will plant vegetation in the open air, such as lines 2 and 6.

There is a greenhouse at the Gare de Lyon. Since 1998 a greenhouse with tropical plant has been installed. I noticed the greenhouse when I took line 14 at Gare de Lyon station. There is a dense rain  even with bird singing. Also there is as an agent that ensures the cleanness and takes care of the plant. The RATP says there will be green spaces in the long-term in the new Metro station and why not in the old Metro station? Underground vegetation is conducted across the Atlantic in New York City from an abandoned subway station in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Plants also according to an Ademe report are depolluting. That’s what they say.

metro serre


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