petanque 2

Pétanque is a game of balls derived from the game of Provence. This is the tenth most popular  sport in France. There are many national federations affiliated to the international federation. To these figures, one should add the occasional practitioners, on holidays in particular, that is to say several millions of amateurs. It is a mainly male sport (only 14% are women in France). Nevertheless, it is one of the few sports where mixed competitions are organised.


The set of balls would have been created in Gaul. The balls were first made of clay, stone, then wood and finally steel.

Innovations include:

The game is played on shorter ground;
The player throws his ball without momentum;
The feet joined, starting from a circle traced on the ground. See the  rules click on the Link.

The first steel ball was made in 1927 in Saint-Bonnet-le-Château, which now is the International Museum of Pétanque and Boules. It is to Jean Blanc that we owe this evolution. There are several countries where you can play Pétanque: France, Thailand, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Algeria, Morocco, Japan and Sweden. Many retirees in France play pétanque and this is the favorite game on holiday. My sister tells me you can now play the game at central park in New York.

petanque 4


A perfect triangle playing with my cousin 


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