The Franglish word is formed of the words French and English. Refers to a strongly anglicized French language, both in written and oral expression. It is an English word borrowed and slips into the French vocabulary.

It started with the word football and weekend back in the day. As other English words such as prime time or scoop and widely used. In the company on  the job I uploaded a photo on Facebook., Or I’m in the rush or I’m hyper speed. All good? In the world media and the world of the show (show-biz, what?) The terms used are: talk show, news, pure player, prime time, scoop, Up, standing ovation, zapping, zapper, thriller, story-telling, remake, teaser, sitcom. Even in the world of freelance, marketing, marketed, boss, manager, workflow, booster, challenge, hard-discount, coaching, after-work, deadline, My favorite one checker his mails, seriously! Brainstorming, offshore, everybody freelancing. Even in everyday life Cool, huff rush, fun, useless, speed dating, fake, coming out, etc ….

Even the English use French words: Clean love, good word, cliche, already seen, good here is life.

On another note there are also American companies McDonalds, burger king, subway, seriously we have better than that in France we have gourmet burger Ellis Gourmet burger, 211 east street, Hd Diner, etc …. Plus our baker sandwiches are better than that of Subway so why do I see a lot of people in fast food. It’s really delirious. In brief I prefer good food.



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