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Non-polluting, the bike becomes a new fashion accessory. So, picking up a date on a  bike? Why not a tandem can be. Well let us be serious in Paris a Vélib is convenient, we rent the bikes and go to work also it is cheaper than the Metro. Vélib ‘is the Paris self-service bicycle system available since July 15, 2007. A total of 15,000 to 17,000 bicycles in circulation spread over 1,230 of which 238 near suburb.

vélib 2

Bikes are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Stations are provided every 300 meters. The system is designed to be able to rent a bike using an automated card-based process and to return it in the same way to any other station. Different generations of Vélib increasingly robust. Improvement of the basket. Three generations of forks succeeded one another: the last one is the strongest and does not bend even when someone is carried on the basket, which is formally forbidden. Also new frame more resistant. On top of that, there are maintenance agents and cycling technicians performing 1,500 repairs daily, including punctures repaired on the spot and regular inflation of the tires. Among these are two hundred bicycles repaired in the workshop (twisted forks, broken handlebars, problems with wheels, problems or absence of casings, graffiti, tags). Many Vélib ‘were found in the Canal Saint-Martin during maintenance work at the beginning of 2016.

240,000 daily cycling trips were registered in the capital against 540,000 by car. There are more and more bicycles in Paris and France. More than 120,000 trips per day to Velib are reported. It is huge and even tourists use the Vélib. Now if you are traveling by bike respect the traffic laws.

velib 1

Nice legs 


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