Villa léandre4

Villa Léandre is a public road located in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. It starts at 23  Avenue Junot and ends in a dead end. Some red-brick houses in Anglo-Saxon style decorate this peaceful and picturesque paved road. The villa Léandre is a road created in 1926; After being called “Villa Junot”, since 1936 it has been named Charles Léandre, a humorist of Montmartre (1862-1934). I was walking in this little charming corner and very beautiful street. Most tourists do not know this hidden street. So I took some pictures.

Villa léandre5

Villa léandre6

Villa léandre14

Villa léandre8

Villa léandre3

Villa léandre7

Villa léandre2

Villa léandre10

Villa léandre1

Villa léandre12

Villa léandre9


Villa léandre13





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