2.3 km from pedestrian promenade. difficult to realise. you know it: it’s long! The banks of the Seine offer a space in length for a walk more than half an hour at a steady pace. Before it was for cars. The town hall has succeeded in its bet: this is clearly a relaxing area, right in the city center, without the stress of cars. So there are some small corners where you can rest: giant Fatboy cushions on self-service, deckchairs, Zzzz spaces (fitted containers), tipis … A nice walk.

The pedestrianization of the Berges de Seine Rive gauche  was formalized in 2012 with a first inaugural section of a 1.5 km running from the Town Hall to the Quai Henri IV. A linear course of 3.3 km, starting from the Tuileries tunnel (1st) to the Arsenal basin (4th). This new space is dedicated to pedestrians, rollers and other bikes on a surface of almost 4.5 hectares for a total pedestrian and cycling connection of 7km. Not bad at all. The Berge de Seine Rive Droite has sports facilities, games for children, refreshments, moored boats serving as a floating market and restaurant. Also shops of products and tourist souvenirs. From a practical point of view, the project involves the closure of the Georges Pompidou road between the tunnels of the Tuileries and Henry IV. The fully pedestrian zone, left bank, which was inaugurated Wednesday June 19, extends from the bridge of Alma to the port of Solferino. .1.800 m2 of garden floating on the left bank. For the children of the games a dedicated space with a wall of slate, games on the ground, teepees. Bars and restaurants. A Zen space to meditate, to the lawn to take a nap, to play a game of petanque. The spirit of Paris beach. All that is very nice . Here are photos.












La seine

la seine 23

la seine 24

la seine 25

la seine 26



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