I am moving in my new house

Denmark is a country made for cyclists. The country is criss-crossed by over 12,000 km of well-marked bike paths, taking you through easy terrain and a unique nature. The Danes love biking and most have a bicycle. In fact, one-third of the population working in Copenhagen travels by bicycle. Whether the weather is dull, sunny, snowy or even windy, the visitor notices dozens of people of all ages pedaling at good speed on wide tracks. Getting around by bike is part of the attractions and tourists are quick to rent a bicycle  as soon as they arrive.


Denmark, which plans to build on this image, even has its “Cycling Embassy”, which brings together town planners, designers, local authorities as well as the Danish Cycling Federation or the railway company. What is the secret of Copenhagen? Why do you practice cycling? At the town hall, seems almost astonished by the question. “Because it’s the simplest, fastest, and cheapest way to travel,” he says. The most reliable, too. In this agglomeration of 1.6 million inhabitants, traffic accidents, all modes combined, kill less than 15 people per year,


The promotion of cycling, which was the subject of a still shy policy in the 1960s, grew stronger in the 1970s, when the oil crisis forced the Danes to ration fuel. Today, when people ask the people of the capital why they pedal every day, only 5% cite the environment or global warming, but 56% talk about speed, 37% simplicity and 29% low cost. The cyclist is above all concerned about his safety. They also move by bike. Forty thousand cyclists can use a bike that created traffic jams. The first time they discover Copenhagen, visitors are stunned to see so many bicycles. Denmark offers all the conditions for the development of cycling tourism: good cycling facilities, numerous bike paths, a well-established cycling culture, flat terrain, and in Denmark the cyclist is never far from sea ​​!

danemark 3

Where did I park my bike



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