Elixia is an artisanal lemonade made in Champagnole, in the Jura department in France. Created in 1856 by Faustin GIRARDET, our limonaderie has maintained throughout its history tradition and quality. In 2000, the 6th generation takes over the activity and brings some new products as a new label. It uses the same recipe as in the nineteenth century (water, sugar and natural flavors are the only ingredients); Also it uses the same material of manufacture as in the nineteenth century, and the bottle is mechanical closure like back in the day. It is also available in three essences from organic cultures: Nature and lemon, orange blossom, rose. It is not very sweet. The main selling area of ​​this product is naturally the Jura. It is offered as an aperitif in many restaurants in Haut-Jura, in specialized stores and at you grocery store. It is also distributed throughout France as well as in Belgium, the United States, Great Britain, Switzerland and newly in Canada. This is a product made in France.





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